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Termites are wood destroying pests that are often referred to as a “hidden threat” because they damage your home from the inside, often with no external signs of damage.  Sometimes, even when damage is noticed, it is often mistaken for water damage.


Without treatment, termites can cause damage that is very costly to repair. This is why yearly inspections are crucial to homes and businesses -- you may not know you have a problem until we find it.


Yearly inspections from My Bug Guy LLC can help identify signs of termite activity and structural damage. Based on our specialist’s findings, we can customize a treatment plan to specifically target problem areas in your home or business and provide preventative treatments to help reduce the damage.  Once we have treated your home and gotten rid of these hidden and costly buggers, we offer a yearly termite warranty – you have any issues, we come fix them for free under your warranty agreement.


Would you know a termite if you saw one? Do you know what to look for?

We've got you covered on this, too. We know what it's like to see a flying ant and run screaming "TERMITE!!!" only to find out it is an ant. Check out our newsletter for some tips and checklists on keeping an eye out for these sneaky buggers.